Zeldathon ‘10 Wrapup

It’s over!

After 85 hours of continuous, non-stop gaming, we’ve raised over $1,000 for the National Children’s Advocacy Center, making a priceless impact on the lives of children.

We’ll update the site with a proper wrap up later once we’ve had some sleep, but for now we’d just like to say that it was an honor to play for all of you. Please, keep sending us emails, follow us on Twitter, friend us on Facebook, and keep in touch!

Our next fundraising event will be in December. We hope to announce a date and more details next month.

Thank you all again for an amazing Zeldathon.
Your Zeldathon '10 Team

-Your Zeldathon ‘10 Team

Zeldathon ‘10 Webcast

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7/6/10 3:30am: We finished The Legend of Zelda

7/6/10 9:15am: We finished Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

7/6/10 9:30am: We started Ocarina of Time and will be playing Link to the Past later.

7/6/10 6:00pm: Took a break from Ocarina of Time. Now Playing A Link to the Past.

7/7/10 2:00am: Defeated A Link to the Past and returned to OOT to defeat Ganon.

7/7/10 3:30am: Defeated Ganon and escaped the tower in Ocarina of Time. On to Majora’s Mask.

7/7/10 2:00pm: Majora’s Mask finished. On to Wind Waker!

7/7/10 10:54pm: WE DID IT! We’ve met our goal of $1,000. We’ll be continuing on with our marathon through Twilight Princess and are now aiming for a bonus goal of $1,337. Help make us leet!

At $100 we’re singing Bohemian Rhapsody, so donate! Sung! Thanks for donating.

$500 – Living On a Prayer by Bon Jovi