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Direct Relief is humanitarian aid organization that ships medical supplies to over 100 countries and all US states and territories.



Donate to enter our prize drawings, trigger secret sounds, and affect gameplay! Each segment has its own unique incentives.

Prize Packs

With 16 prize packs, you stand a good chance of bringing home some loot! Social giveaways are free!

Secret Sounds

For as little as $10, you can trigger a secret sound on stream. Check out the list here or make a random donation to try and unlock more sounds.

Can't donate? Spread the word on social media!

We understand that not everyone is able to donate. You may know someone who can! Please retweet, post, and spread the word with your family and friends.


$5 from Each Shirt Goes to Direct Relief

We have shirts and other merch only available during this event. All proceeds go to Direct Relief! Win-win.

Shirt by ArtsieRosie featuring Skull Kid in their iconic pose

Add a Kinstone to Your Collection

We partnered with Heroic Replicas to bring you a collectible Kinstone! Proceeds from Kinstone purchases benefit Direct Relief.

The MINIton Hammer!

Heroic Replicas also has this 1:6 scale Megaton Hammer avalible for sale now! Proceeds from these purchases benefit Direct Relief.

Heroic Auctions

Heroic Replicas ALSO brings us 5 special auctioned items, with proceeds being split between Direct Relief and developing future charity projects! Check out which of the incredible items are available right now, for sale to the highest bidder!

Items include: Fierce Deity Sword, Gilded Sword, Megaton Hammer, Hylian Shield, and Mipha's Ceremonial Trident

Zeldathon Store

Check out our merch collection at the Zeldathon Store, profit from purchases benefit Direct Relief during the marathon.


Team of 100+ posing together for a photo at a recent event

Kinstone is a group of over 100 entertainers and broadcast professionals from across the world! Our love for gaming united us, and our passion for charity turned a weekend hangout into a high-quality production. Average viewership hovers around 5,000 viewers, and peaks reach as high as 15,000 people. Together, with help from our community, we've raised over $3 million for charity.