An event in 2010, showcasing a single laptop, game monitor, and a group of people on a couch
An event in 2020, showcasing a complete stage with an audience, lighting, mixers, cameras, and a dedicated production crew

How it started

Zeldathon was founded in fall of 2009 by MC Moffit and Zak Ondish. After being inspired by other charity gaming marathons such as The Speed Gamers and Desert Bus for Hope, MC suggested to Zak that they do the same over winter break, but with their favorite game series: The Legend of Zelda. The event raised $301, and set the groundwork for more events to come.

Reuniting with new friends in the summer, the newly formed Zeldathon Team raised over 10x the amount of the first marathon. By focusing on having fun and experimenting with new fundraising incentives, each event following got bigger and better than the last.

Who we are today

Kinstone is a group of over 100 entertainers and broadcast professionals from across the world. Every year, these participants gather to host high-quality gaming marathons. During these events, the team broadcasts their gameplay, camera feeds, and commentary online for one week straight, no breaks.

The gameplay is supported by live musical performances, sketch comedy, trivia, and other interactive segments. Fans of the group can tune in online at any point to engage via an ongoing chatroom.

Average viewership hovers around 5,000 viewers, and peaks reach as high as 15,000 people. By encouraging their audience to donate charity, the group has raised over two million dollars for great causes since 2009. Non-profit partners include St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Direct Relief, charity: water, and more.

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